Review: SERIOUS BLACK “Magic”

Review: SERIOUS BLACK “Magic”

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Serious Black released three serious albums in three years.  I was delighted when I heard As Daylight Breaks, and when Mirrorworld was released I just could not wait to hear it. At the speed of light Serious Black became seriously one of my favorite “new” bands. Thired album Magic, which is, as the band said, attempt of concept album, was released in August and I was courious to hear what the Supergroup will offer this time.

I just could not accept Magic at first listening, which was the case with As Daylight Breaks and Mirrorworld.

As a concept album Magic has to be more serious than predecessors. This is a piece of art, and you need to be patient, listen music, read the lyrics, scratch the surface, dig deeper, think, observe if you want to understand it and accept it.

What do we have here?

Magic is complex organism composed of various elements in coherent relataion. At first listening, or at first dozen listenings, you can not perceive all structural elements easily. Only carfully listening and analyzing lyrics can reveal whole beauty of unique piece of music.

Urban breed already have an experience of writing concept album (Nosferatu, Bloodbound). Immaginary story around Mr. Nightmist is the result of creative immagination. Making up characters, their world, their relations, emotions, action, crises, resolution… That, my friends, can write serious genious or serious mad writer.

Oscar Levant once said: “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.”

I believe Urban breed, Alex Holzwarth, Bob Katsionis, Mario Lochert, Dominik Sebastian and Jan Vacik did the same.

Take this album serious, because it is seriously good if you give a chance yourself to understand it.


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  1. With A Tip of the Hat
  2. Binary
  3. Burn Witches Burn
  4. Lone Gunman Rule
  5. Now you’ll Never know
  6. I can Do Magic
  7. Magic
  8. Skeletons on Parade
  9. Mr. Nightmist
  10. The Witch of Caldwell town
  11. True Love is Blind
  12. Just Kill Me
  13. Newfound Freedom
  14. One Final Song


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