Review: SILIUS “Hell Awakening”

Review: SILIUS “Hell Awakening”

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SILIUS “Hell Awakening”
Massacre records

Massacre have recently released the debut album from Austrian Thrashers, Silius. And they’ve released it as a ‘Newcomer Price’. Which presumably means it’s cheaper than a normal full price album. Which is actually an excellent idea and one that should be applauded. And I hope a lot more of the bigger labels adopt this policy.

But I think Massacre are on safe ground with Silius.

They don’t directly sound like anyone in particular, but you hear certain parts and think, Pantera fans will like that groove, Anthrax fans would like the gangshouts, that would appeal to Machine Head fans… the list goes on.

Standout track, is probably Anger Management. A heads down and smash yourself around the moshpit kind of banger. It’s a bit predictable in that it gets louder and faster after the slow bit, but that’s why I like it as well. There’s quite a bit of Pantera riffage going on as well, which is a very good thing, as far as I’m concerned.

The bouncing Thrash-laden grooves of Sick and Tired and the razor-sharp barrage of Message In A Molotov battle it out for second place. Although the latter definitely has the best song title.

So no wheels are being re-invented here, but it’s nice to be on familiar territory as sometimes it’s just good to blast out some quality Metal without having to really analyze it.

Like Austria’s most famous post-war export (that’s Arnie if you didn’t get the reference), Silius are a powerful unit, and this is just a no nonsense battering of instantly enjoyable Thrash.

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