Review: SIRENIA “Dim Days of Dolor”

Review: SIRENIA “Dim Days of Dolor”

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sirenia_cmykSIRENIA “Dim Days of Dolor”
Napalm Records

Sirenia doesn’t mean to stop or split up, parting their ways with Pilar ‘Ailyn’ Giménez García. Emmanuelle Zoldan changed Ailyn and the band released their eighth album with prevailing ‘D’ – Dim Days Of Dolor.

Generally, problems with vocalists were always inherent to Sirenia. It seemed that Ailyn solved it, but not a long time ago she had leaved the band also. Eventually, the band stayed on Emmanuelle Zoldan, which appeared on previous albums as choir vocalist. But  Dim Days Of Dolor allowed her talent to open up fully.

I need to say straight that there will no some cardinal changes and innovations. However don’t forget that Sirenia itself is a very versatile band with diverse music (in some ctrtain limits, of course). Dim Days Of Dolor is one hundred percent creature of mastermind Morten Veland. There are 11 songs, differed by music and by moods also. Here can be found spme serene songs like “Aeon’s Embrace” with minimalistic approach (piano and vocals only), and also gothic metal like “Goddess Of The Sea” and “The 12-th Hour” in all its dark beauty, with powerful riffs, great rhythm-section and keyboards passages. It was a place even for some kind of dance metal; however I’m pretty sure that self-titled “Dim Days Of Dolor” intro will stuck in your head because of this dance tune. With this “Elusive Sun” and “Veil OF Winter” are reminding us where and how Sirenia started.

Also I want to say few words about Emmanuelle Zoldan. Well, it’s not exactly «say few words» but sing the praises, because her voice just charms. A variety of intonations and deep emotionality of songs – all of this, largely the merit of the new singer. She works out easily with typical metal vocal techniques and absolutely opera parts like impressive intro in “The 12-th Hour”. Her voice can be charming, seductive, strikingly gentle and even angry; range of emotions, and the ease with which she changes them is impressive. I don’t want to make parallels or compare Emmanuelle with somebody, but I can say for sure: Morten didn’t miscalculated when he chose her as a vocalist.

To sum up I want to say over: there is no some dramatic changes or innovations in this album. Morten Veland didn’t started to play dethcore or djent; vocalists don’t growl or screaming. But if you want some qualitative and great played gothic sympho metal, don’t set Dim Days Of Dolor aside.


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