Review: SO THIS IS SUFFERING “Palace Of The Pessimist”

Review: SO THIS IS SUFFERING “Palace Of The Pessimist”

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SO THIS IS SUFFERING “Palace Of The Pessimist”
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Since their inception in 2006 So This Is Suffering has released a few Eps, singles and a full length and now this year these heathens are back with a brand new ten track full length titled “Palace of the Pessimist”. What you get within this release is exactly what you would come to expect from these death merchants, which is heavy head stomping deathcore. There is no mincing and mixing of genres here as So This Is Suffering sticks to their deathcore guns providing you with a neck snapping, heavy and head caving listen. Once you press that play button you are fully aware of what you are about to hear and you are fully aware that you may look like you have been through the wringer after listening.

“Palace of the Pessimist” gives you zero time to relax as So This Is Suffering rolls song after bludgeoning song without reprieve. What is nice about this record is that there aren’t any filler songs in here at all, there isn’t anything to break up the flow of the record. Instead you get ten pummeling songs that aim straight for your throat right off the bat and are unrelenting until they have sawed straight through. Each of these ten songs is just anvil heavy and completely unrelenting and they deserve to be played at the highest of volumes until your entire neighborhood can hear what blasphemous and shredding music you are playing.

So This Is Suffering doesn’t skip out on the technicality on this record either as each instrument is played well and very precise. As precise and as well executed as the musicianship is what you get is a wholly bone crushing and devastating listen. Riff after riff collapses upon you as the drums take it upon themselves to blast you into oblivion while the bass does its best to rattle your brain out of your skull. And on top of all of that are the larynx shredding vocals that transition between unearthly gutturals and gravely screams which provides you with plenty of vocal variety all throughout. No matter which song it is and what part of each song you are in these efforts are sure to get you headbanging.

While on the topic of devastation and brutality, So This Is Suffering also provides you with your fair share of bone shattering breakdowns as well. Each song is filled with them but not to the point where you feel each song is just one giant breakdown. So This Is Suffering does a good job of spacing them out and providing them for you when needed instead of cramming them down your throat. A lot of deathcore bands I believe make that mistake of inundating the listener with too many breakdowns all the time to the point where it does really sound like the entire song is just one huge steaming pile of breakdowns. However, with that being said, So This Is Suffering does not do that as they do a good job of sprinkling them in there when needed.

“Palace of the Pessimist” is an album that is highly entertaining as it gets you involved and headbanging early and often. This is a solid release that provides you with ten devastating tracks of pure blasphemous deathcore and as a word of warning, prepare yourself for devastation.

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