Review: Sorcerer “Sirens”

Review: Sorcerer “Sirens”

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Sorcerer “Sirens”
Metal Blade records

This is a 2 track single that’s been released ahead of Sorcerer’s 2nd album, The Crowning of the Fire King, which is due out in a months time.

And I won’t go into great detail about the band as I’d like to save that for the album review, if I get a chance to cover it. But I will say that the bassist is Johnny Hagel, ex of Tiamat, and there’s a couple of ex members of Therion too.

Musically, this is Epic Doom… and epic really is an understatement. If you imagine a modern take on the Dio era of Sabbath.. and I don’t mean modern as in the crap that passes as Metal these days, modern in terms of fresh production and a more Extreme Metal slant.

Frontman, Anders Engberg has an amazing range and this man can really belt out a note or two. I guess he’s somewhere in between the great man himself (Mr Dio) and Axel Rudi Pell’s, Johnny Gioeli. And I’m gutted that it’s taken me this long to discover his voice.

Anyway, when the album is released on October 20th, Sirens will be the first song that greets you.

The other track on the single is Disciples Of The Dark and I’m pretty sure this isn’t an album track. Anyway, it has a real Therion feel to it, which should come as no surprise as half the band used to play in Therion.

So this has really whetted my appetite for the album and hopefully it’ll do the same for you too.

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