Review: SunSpell / Saudade “From the Mist…We are but Dust”

Review: SunSpell / Saudade “From the Mist…We are but Dust”

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SunSpell / Saudade “From the Mist… We are but Dust”
Iron Bonehead

I do love split albums, mainly as I get to check out a couple of new bands and I can try and see why the label stuck the two together… the latter part of which, I’m, not too sure about, as far as this release is concerned

We begin with Georgia’s SunSpell. And this is the 6th release they’ve been involved with… the previous ones being singles and demo’s, as well as one other split release.

For their half of the release, they offer up two epic tracks, which clock in at about 22 minutes. Things start of quite blissful, but the pace gradually increases until a Medieval style Black Metal emerges round about the 6 minute mark. After that, it’s a mix of chaotic and gnarly… it’s raw, but in a reasonably controlled manner.

Track 2, Dreams of an Eidolon Moon, starts off in a plodding manner and after 3 minutes of going nowhere, it (thankfully) explodes into life. And as with Consumed by Emptiness, it rattles along at a cracking pace and it stays within the realms of controlled chaos.

SunSpell aren’t perfect, but they are an intriguing prospect and I hope they build upon this and perhaps trim away some of the more morose tones and crank up the energy a notch or two. Mainly as I’m being selfish and I prefer that side of their sound

From the one man band, SunSpell, we move North to the trio that are Canada’s Saudade. Who are also fond of releasing splits and singles, although they do have a full length album under they belts as well.

Musically, it’s chalk and cheese as Saudade blast out a raw as fuck barrage of blackened hate that teeters on the edge of Grind, Punk, Hardcore and Death Metal.

It feels like a master jam session as the band crank out their distorted blasts and they continue to hit you, long after they’ve knocked the wind out of you.

And as much as I like both bands, I don’t see them as natural bedfellows and I probably wouldn’t have placed them together, if it were my decision. But, if you have a broad range of tastes, both bands should appeal to you… but I don’t see Saudade winning over many Black Metal purists.

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