Review: Synodic “Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe”

Review: Synodic “Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe”

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Synodic “Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe”

It’s been awhile, I don’t write reviews, but today it’s the day. I can say I have found agem. yeahhhhhhh, you heard it well. A new band which raises from Oklahoma, USA. Synodic is an american duo, founded by Imber and Myrdin, this new band is launching an album entitled ‘’Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe’’. I can say since the beginning,this will be one of the best Atmospheric Black Metal albums of 2017. Sure it is. I am really impressed by the spirit this album bring loyaly since the first listening. A beautiful dead star that is falling down the earth, breaking down the chains of the universe. Seeing the duo define their music a Cosmic Black Metal which mirrors and depicts the universe it obviously this cosmic univer’s inspiration which beautifully depicts the spirit of the whole album. It’s inspiring glamorous and majestic atmospheric black metal at its best. Guys,just have a look into the night sky, can you feel it, it’s the cold wind of the universe calling… the stars are falling down as the aurora borealis colors the void of the universe. Well, it is cold and beautiful at the same time, it is not porn, it is art, inspiring atmospheric black metal with crystallized spirit delivered into space through cosmos. I can super recommend over and over again ‘’Cosmic Cataclysm NGC 6357’’, one of the best tracks of the album. I am not an enthusiastic fan of atmospheric cold black metal, but this release is out of this world and of course out of any imaginary perpective, no words to describe the emotion gave me since the first listening. I am enjoying every part. Heavy distorted guitars, soft pianos, great production, for surean album you will never forget, the beautiful northern star. A ‘’must’’ for the Atmospheric Black metal fans.

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