Review Terrörhammer “Under The Unholy Command” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review Terrörhammer “Under The Unholy Command” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Terrörhammer “Under The Unholy Command”
Deathrune Records

Pančevo is located in south-east Vojvodina. Well, this historical land is a part of Serbia, but to be honest it’s only (or so that) in political meaning. History, culture and ethnic structure (connected with Austro-Hungarian and even much earlier times) are here different. That’s why it has autonomy. There’s also, except Serbian, five official languages (mostly Slavonic, but also Hungarian and Romanian).

Anyway, in mentioned above city live two guys hidden under pseudonyms: B. B. K. Necro Doctor (bass) and Pentagramator the Helltyrent (guit and since 2013 voc). In 2010 they decided to found the band and that’s why we have TERRÖRHAMMER on this world and can listen to “Under…”

This is forth release in history of the band. Earlier once was “Promo 2012 A. B.”, “Vintage Black Mass” (EP) and “Noć Paklenog Gneva” (single). So now, actually in last year, it finally came time for full-length. Album contains nine totally new songs – the first one (“Catacombs of Pandemonium”) is instrumental one and as for me is great intro which provide us in right climate. It doesn’t mean that the most of us would expect something else after this song. Especially that they call their music Black/Thrash/Speed Metal. Well, I hear here Thrash and elements of Speed Metal (border between these two sub-genres is rather thin). I can also hear in way of guitar’s playing (and very clearly in some riffs) fascination of the most well-known band with “Ö” in the name. I’m sure that everyone who calls her-/himself Metalhead knows very well what band I’m talking about! LONG LIVE LEMMY!!! But the only connections with Black which I found are vocal (not always) and lyrics. Of course somebody could say that also logo and way in which musicians look like are Black. But you must admit that it’s not too much of that, anyway.

But no matter!!! It seems that guys feel strong connection with very old school Black Metal, so… Besides, I always thought like “Hell how who name music! It’s good or turdy and it doesn’t matter which word(s) describe it”. And here we have definitely music of this first sort! Of course it’s question of music taste, but since I write this review my job is to tell you what I think about this stuff, or what?!? I always liked playing like that – stinging guitars (I clearly hear two ones), galloping drums (as I heard that’s living guy who plays that, so maybe ex-drummer of TERÖRHAMMER – Manijak – was invited to join the studio), aggressive vocal. Here’s no place for “discovering America”. But there’s pure energy and Metal from the first to the last sound! Who cares that riffs are rather easy?!? YEAH!!! Truth is that we have here rarely some solos and so on, but they’re also not complicated at all. Who cares that songs are similar if we talk about structure?!? Mentioned (not directly, but anyway) band played 40 years in exactly the same way and a lot of us loved and will always love them, so why TERRÖRHAMMER can’t play like that and warship Him in during that?!?

Just get it and let’s make some headbanging together!!!

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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