Review: TERRORKULT “Crush The Pious”

Review: TERRORKULT “Crush The Pious”

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TERRORKULT “Crush The Pious”
Barbarian Wrath

The biography makes no mention of it, but I think this album may be a re-issue. If my research is correct, this was 1st released in 2008. Although the 2008 version listed on the Metal Archives has 12 tracks and this version only has 10. And after further investigation, some of the tracks are different, so this is a semi rehash of the original.

And without wanting to be too harsh, this album highlights the fact that anyone can get signed these days and there needs to be a cull of about 90% of the bands currently doing the rounds.

Yeah, maybe that was too harsh, but in real terms, there is limited money for too many cds and if you had to list the albums you were willing to pay money for, this would not be at the top of many (if any) lists.

Crush The Pious, unfortunately falls into the realm of being mediocre. As a one man band, the vocals aren’t strong enough, so maybe an outside singer would have helped. Because bar a boring as hell instrumental intro, this fares ok, as far as melody is concerned. Some of the riffs are decent as well… but in terms of excitement and song writing in general, it isn’t about to set the world alight any time soon.

Honestly, the sole member, Brad (no surname) should join a band as a guitarist, as that’s the strongest part of this album and he should focus on what he’s good at, instead of trying to do everything himself.

And I’ve just realised I’ve not even mentioned the style of music… it’s sort of Thrash meets Black Metal with a touch of Slayer. A style I generally like a lot… But not this time around.

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