Review: The Human Race Is Filth “Human Exposed”

Review: The Human Race Is Filth “Human Exposed”

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The Human Race Is Filth “Human Exposed”

This is the debut EP from the duo known as The Human Race Is Filth, but as this is the 7th release the duo have worked on together in the past two years, they have their shit sorted already.

So what you get are quick blasts of energy and slow, painful Doom passages, all wrapped up in politically charged Hardcore/Punk/Sludge/Grind cocoon…

Clocking in at under 12 minutes, it’s a taster of what’s to come when the band record their debut album next year. It’s also a showcase for labels to check them out.

And as an opening statement, it’s not too bad. Although I’d prefer things a little more pissed off, and maybe a little tighter. Best track is the 1.25 blast of Race Waste and this is exactly how I’d want them to sound, if I was making the decisions.

With a bigger recording budget, they could possibly slay… time will tell.

Right now, this is just $1 on Bandcamp, or pre-order the cd for $5.

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