Review: The Lazys “Tropical Hazards”

Review: The Lazys “Tropical Hazards”

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The Lazys “Tropical Hazards” (Golden Robot Records)

The Lazys are a goodtime Rock N Roll band, who have moved from their native Australia, up to Canada. Presumably as a base to attack the North American scene and to get a load of touring under their belts.

And it’s Europe’s turn now as they are about to invade our continent. And I’m sure The Lazys will be a fun band to watch, in the sun, with a few beers on the go.

As with so many bands from Down Under… there’s more than a little bit of AC/DC in their sound, especially with some of the riffs… but The Lazys are much more of a party band, with anthem after anthem of feelgood Rock and Metal blaring out.

They remind me of the late 80s when the likes of Guns N Roses and Motley Crue ruled the airwaves… mixed in with the raw energy of the Bon Scott era of AC/DC. I’d also throw in a bit of Southern Rock for some of the guitar licks, especially on “Little Miss Crazy” and on the intro to “Half Mast Blues”, which, after the intro, really does sound like Airbourne….

In amongst the party tunes, there are a couple of more serious songs. The sombre “Somebody’s Daughter” focuses on missing and murdered Indigenous women. While “Young Modern Lightning” shines the spotlight on how being in a touring band can cause relationships to break up. And admittedly, I do prefer the party anthems, but it’s nice to see the band expand their horizons and the additions of a few different textures and a more mature approach to their song-writing will serve them well in the long run.

But there’s no getting away from their more potent material… the rockers… which are stupidly infectious, from the first drop to the last.

As with a lot of bands these days, no wheels are being re-invented here. This is just fun party music to get shitfaced to…

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