Review: Töxik Death “Sepulchral Demons” [High Roller Records]

Review: Töxik Death “Sepulchral Demons” [High Roller Records]

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Norwegian Old School Thrash Metal band Töxik Death was formed in far 2003 but its discography is quite short (this happens quite often with the underground bands): a few splits, EPs and only one longplay named Speed Metal Hell, which was released in 2014. Six years later the band releases the second album Sepulchral Demons.

After Speed Metal Hell was released, drummer, bassist and vocalist leave the band and the existence of Töxik Death was uncertain. However, guitarists and the band founders Anders Waage and Tore Vik somehow found the strength to move on and after some time Henning Haugland (vocals) with Jacob Yttredal (drums) and Espen Haukelid (bass) joined the band.

Many fans and reviewers categorize the band and Blackened Thrash, while Töxik Death themselves tell they play Old School Thrash Metal and here I fully agree with the band. There are some implicit proto-Black motives indeed with malice, inherent to this genre but mostly it’s very fast and very aggressive Thrash Metal. In the same time “Old School” here is not only about the music but the record itself as well: Anders Krokedal from Elekrtosjokk Studio and Patrick W. Engel from Temple Of Disharmony provided Sepulchral Demons a raw sound with “dry” guitars, keeping drums mighty. However I need to say in some moments drums are too loud as for me and guitars are muffled too much; the same happens with vocals.

Like I said before, Sepulchral Demons is fast, aggressive Thrash Metal with malicious vocals: Henning isn’t sing, he spits the words viciously right into the listener’s head. Nevertheless, it seems like Töxik Death were focused on speed with potency, which wasn’t so good for diversity: once the music gained speed in opening “Sepulchral Demons”, the band seldom decreases the pace, diluting tremolo riffs with screeching solos. And to be completely honest, in the end of the album such evil and aggressive evenness becomes tiring a little bit. But musicians know what they do and this quite short album (total time is 32:56) isn’t get bored before it ends.

However, there are some really outstanding tracks. “Morbid Divination”, which is longing more than seven minutes, starts with middle-paced, relatively simple riff but further it develops into atmospheric and ominous track with pace changings and technical solos. “Sadistic Sorcery” is also a diverse track in a way with long and melodic solo.

The rest of the songs are merciless and brutal; they are perfect for headbanging and I’m sure they will sound great live, but still there is some monotony can be heard in the record. Nevertheless, I can’t pass by guitarists’ playing technique and great work of Jacob: in many cases his drumming is the essence of the song. The good example of monotony is “Malicious Assassin”, which was released in 2013 but for some reason wasn’t included in Speed Metal Hell. Ominous intro transforms into fast pummeling riff, which will be played until the end of the song. Mighty drums in some moment start blast beating, bringing some variety to the song.

But all in all, Sepulchral Demons is relatively simple and straightforward album but at the same time it is fast, malicious and brutal – a real joy of headbangers. Also I can’t say this album is bad or boring and I’m sure Töxik Death will surprise us in the nearest future.

Sepulchral Demons will be released on August, 21 via High Roller Records.

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