Review: Unleashed “No Sign of Life” [Napalm Records]

Review: Unleashed “No Sign of Life” [Napalm Records]

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Here’s a nice death metal album with a lot of energy and a selection of tracks about death, chaos and various questions, that should get you pumped up.

This album has the kind of speed and anger that hook you in instantly, as you’ll notice on the first track, the frenzied and heavy “The King Lost His Crown”, with its catchy chorus, ferociousness and hypnotic guitar solo.

Most tracks keep the same fierce energy. Sometimes, they’re even faster and angrier, like “The Shepherd Has Left The Flock”, “Here at the End of the World” and “Did You Struggle With God”. Others are heavy and threatening, like “Where Can You Flee”, “It is Finished” and the title track. There’s also the slower and sinister “You Are the Warrior” and its low-pitched threatening vocals and loud drum rolls, the anthemic “Midgard Warriors For Life” or the fast and catchy “The Highest Ideal”. Those add some variety in a collection of tracks that do tend to sound similar.

As you can guess from the song titles like “The King Lost His Crown”, “Where Can You Flee”, “You are the Warrior”, “Here at the End of the World”, most of the album is about things ending or being destroyed, and the urgent need to survive among the chaos. Others like “Did You Struggle With God” and “The Sheep Has Left the Flock” are about losing faith and questioning what you used to take for granted, and, again, trying to survive after losing your faith. There are some interesting lyrical ideas in this album, and an overall theme of surviving in a chaotic world that makes it really compelling.

That’s why, even though the songs sometimes sound the same, this album is pretty enjoyable overall. It’s full of energy and anger, and has some pretty interesting themes of survival. It also has some pretty good songs. That’s why it’s not exactly the greatest thing you’ll ever hear, but it still deserves a listen because it will definitely put you in a good mood.

Release date: November 12, 2021

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