Review: Urn “The Burning”

Review: Urn “The Burning”

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Urn “The Burning”
Iron Bonehead productions

The Burning is Urn’s 4th album and their 1st in 9 years. They’ve been described as one of the Finnish undergrounds longest running yet best-kept secrets. And I completely agree as I’ve never heard of them. And they formed in 1994, just as I was beginning my involvement in the underground scene, yet our paths have never crossed before, as far as I can recall.

So what I’ve missed out on is basically slightly raw-ish Black/Thrash, which is a hybrid of Motörhead meets a more tuneful incarnation of Venom, with perhaps a slight Pagan feel to them, as well as a bit of Slayer (for the dive bombing guitars).

I don’t think you’d expect to find a lot of originality in their sound, but the varying styles they play are actually really good, despite the odd bit of plagiarism here and there.

The start of Hail The King is note for note, Motörhead’s The Claw, before it pummels off into it’s own little world, bar the very familiar riff, whilst Morbid Black Sorrow sounds like it’s a Pagan/Viking anthem that’s been smothered in gnarly as hell Black Metal, with majestic lead guitars that fight to be heard. And a special mention must go to the gangshout chorus of “All Will End In Fire – Hail Hail Hail” (or is it hey hey hey?) whichever it is, I fucking love it.

I can go on saying which bits of which songs remind me of something else… but I don’t think it really matters, because if you listen to the album as a whole, it’s a fantastic forty minute blast of old school, power trio Metal.

There are no niceties, Urn just blast for Satan and you get exactly what you expect to hear… although the quality is way above what my ears were preparing themselves for.

Right, I’m off to check out their back catalogue…

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