Review: Uttertomb “Sempiternal” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review: Uttertomb “Sempiternal” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Uttertomb “Sempiternal”
Pulverised Records

Santiago de Chile was always (since its founding on 12 February 1541) capital of Chile. Of course during the colonial times it was named by other name. Anyway, even when it was small city with few buildings it was important one. Now it’s very huge city where’re many universities, cultural institutions… So that’s any surprise that there’re many good Metal bands, too. In general scene is strong there. But we’ll concentrate only on one representative of that. This representative calls UTTERTOMB and exists since 2009. It’s created by four guys who use only initials and have in their musical output demo (“Advance Promo” – 2011), EP (“Necrocentrism” – 2012) and split with other Chilean Death Metal band – DEATH VOMIT (“Coagulation of Pest” – 2013).

“Sempiternal” is EP which contains only two songs – “Excarnation” & “Incarnation”.  I didn’t analyze their lyrics, but only tittles strongly suggest that it’s so called concept release. Music by the way is called by musicians as Death Metal. And I have to agree with this term! Well, if somebody awaits some hash or something like that then I have to dissolution this person! To be honest sometimes I think that better term here would be Dead Metal or Sepulchral Metal. But hell with tabs! The most important here is that we get here piece of great music! The fact is that it’s in real sepulchral climate. The fact is that tempos are at most middle, sometimes really low and even depressive. It doesn’t mean that guys never speed up. They do it (what we can hear first of all thank to drummer AV), but it happens rarely, if we can use this word in case of release which has only two songs – very rarely. Riffs aren’t in any way complicated. Opposites – they’re mostly dirty and raw. Those are they which create this so characteristic for UTTERTOMB sepulchral mood. But as in case of almost every self-respecting Death Metal band (especially if it plays in such way) also here we can use guitar solos. They’re on quite high level, by the way. As to vocal it’s of course growling. But once again: if you expect some screams or other pukes then it’ll be another disappointment for you. I’d comprise Sebastian Salce’s (I know his name only coz he plays also in DEATH VOMIT and there he uses this instead of initials which has for me unfortunately unattractive connotations) vocal feats to old Swedish bands – especially CARNAGE. Anyway, sometimes it’s even more majestic than brutal, or majestic in its brutal way, or maybe brutal in majestic way… NEVER MIND!!!!!!!

The only thing which has meaning here is that UTTERTOMB is another band from Latin America which supports my thesis. Do you remember how it is?!? YES!!! “In Latin America there’re only good or very good bands”!!! So don’t hesitate and get this EP! SUPPORT UTTERTOMB s well as whole underground (especially this from Latin America)!!!

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(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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