Review: Valac “Leaning Toward Bitter Misery” [Appalachian Noise Records]

Review: Valac “Leaning Toward Bitter Misery” [Appalachian Noise Records]

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Valac is a one-man-band emerging from the U.S Raw Black Metal Scene which I can say it is enriched by many raw black metal artists. For all those who like raw black metal with a tone of lo-fi dirty productions here you have a masterpiece of this kind of sound. No filters on my statement, pure underground stuff for true underground collectors. I am warning you: you like this band since the first listening, no pre-judices here. Screams, a raw guitar sound that goes and never stops, very ferocious and very dirty as I said before, Valac is “serving the meal” as it is. Original, raw, primitive and fanatic of what he creates. A very intense production, this must be considered as the future model band of the raw black metal. I know many of you will show me other names to be considered as symbol bands of raw black metal [I know much more than you know, so I don’t like to hear your opinions at this point], but I don’t care as far as I like the US Raw Black Metal as it is, pure raw and filth, no filters, original, this is what my ears want. I listened also the first demo too. Very very good heavy riffs and the quality of the production is the same, the same sound, the same playing. No big surprised but one thing deserves to be said: Valac roots are into the old school black metal. This is sure and it seems Valac must be influenced by very raw black metal bands for sure. Hope to hear more from this One Man U.S Raw Black Metal band.

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