Review: Volturyon “Cleansed by Carnage”

Review: Volturyon “Cleansed by Carnage”

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Volturyon - Cleansed by Carnage - ArtworkVolturyon “Cleansed by Carnage”
Vicisolum productions

Many people believes that the best death-metal is made in Sweden. Agree with this or not – it’s a private matter. But Volturyon with their new album Cleansed by Carnage are telling that such a stereotype has a certain soil.

Formed in 2005 by Johan Gustafsson and Christian Netzell, with Andreas Olander that joined a little bit later, the band have two long-play albums and one EP. Alexander Högbom (Centinex, October Tide) is a singer since 2011, and in 2014 bassist Oskar Pålsson (ex-Coldworker, Axis of Despair) also joined the band. Together they worked fruitfully, so there are nine tracks in new LP with some special energy.

The first track “Pile Of Human” is very dynamic due to blast-beats in the beginning. Pause in them with bridges is really necessary for increasing rage within the music, which managed to reach a certain level and fix it there for more increase. That’s how this brief song is making your emotions to boil.

Simple and evil track “To Starve You” will be listened over and over again. I’m sure, it sounds great live.

Next in track-list is aggressive “Cleansed By Carnage” with extremely fast inserts, powerful ferocious energy and blast-beats that hammering vocalist’s message deep into the brain. Guitar solos also add more of that darkness. Next is “Swiping Salvation”, high-powered, with some note of evil romantic and great harsh back vocals. This song is shining in an album like a smile of mad demon.

“Fungus Coat” ‘s beauty can be seen only in the end.

In “Hinterkaifeck” guitars are making some special tension which results in a certain tone. This song is great in live performance, although it can cause some uncontrolled headbanging even while listening to it in record.

“Сосооn” is enveloping with dark sound. This track disturbs and fills with energy. From this cocoon will get out the evilest and ugliest spider that will delay in the net of madness. You can fight, but you’ll never get out from it.

“The Perfidious Idol” supports the atmosphere from previous songs – aggressive, dynamic and infernal.

The Capital Of Perverse Punishment” emphasizes the great work of guitarists and vocalist.  Band’s members cooperation allows to fast drums, fierce guitars and harsh vocals become to one solid thing. This song is blowing the brains out with its energy.

After nine main songs there is a surprise that waiting for the listener. It is “Pleasure Of Molestation” – deep saturated riffs are full of disturbing and waiting for something more. Blast-beats, aggressive and fast guitars with growl. Such music fills determination and occasionally forcing to headbanging.

Generally, Cleansed by Carnage is quite simple death-metal, but it has the soul and fills with energy. This album can be listened countless times – this music isn’t overfilled with trendy experiments, but it has all that needed to stay in fans’ playlists without nothing unnecessary. With this work Volturyon  allows to rest with the soul with potential body injuries while slamming and making walls of death, which will surely be at live performances.  

Cleansed by Carnage will be released by  ViciSolum Productions on September,2.

Volturyon pressphoto (6040-4159)

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