Review: WEDNESDAY 13 “Condolences”

Review: WEDNESDAY 13 “Condolences”

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WEDNESDAY 13 “Condolences”

Condolences is the sixth studio album from Wednesday 13, and his first for Nuclear Blast. It further interprets his schlock, horror theme in the vein of a younger Alice Cooper.

My acquaintance with Wednesday13 didn’t get off to the best of starts. My (then) teenage daughter raved about him, so naturally I dismissed him out of hand.

She was desperate to see him live, so, being as she was too young to go alone, we took her to the gig. I am so glad we did! It was a very enjoyable experience, and I’ve admired his work ever since.

Each track is a self-contained mission statement, with a dark edge (exhumation of a loved one, lots of killing, stalking) delivered in a trademark catchy and bouncy style. You will find these tracks bouncing off the inside of your skull for days, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! The lyrics are perfect for the genre: easy to remember, sufficiently dark to be interesting but not quite crossing the line into seriously deranged (although that may be more of a comment on my mental state than of serious psychological evaluation). Provided of course that you think that necrophilia, spousal abuse and vampirism are perfectly normal…

It’s hard to pick out a stand-out track on this album: What the Night Brings is an excellent start, but then you have You Breathe, I Kill which is fantastically menacing in its simplicity. And then of course there’s the title track, Condolences, which is just brilliant. I also have to mention Omen Amen, just because anything that is so vehemently anti-religion should always get as much promotion as possible in my book. Oh, also it’s very funny.

This is a very slickly produced album, which I really enjoyed. There’s nothing better than a well-made, totally outrageous musical homage to horror, especially when it comes with catchy lyrics. Who was it who said the devil has all the best tunes? Wednesday 13 is doing his best to prove them right with this latest release. Can’t recommend it enough.

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