Review: Witch Vomit “Poisoned Blood”

Review: Witch Vomit “Poisoned Blood”

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Witch Vomit “Poisoned Blood”
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Portland, Oregon sure knows how to spawn some of the most vile, twisted and disgusting acts in recent years and subtle named Witch Vomit is no exception. Since forming in 2012 these death dealers have released a demo, an EP, a full length in 2016 and now another EP this year titled “Poisoned Blood”. This new EP follows the same style that Witch Vomit has had since their inception in 2012 which is an all out rumbling death metal assault. “Poisoned Blood” is packed to the bursting point with five brand new tracks that aim to terrorize and decapitate anyone that dares listen.

For five straight songs these blood drainers mangle your brain and snap your bones as they rumble along forcing five deadly, diseased and rotting tracks upon you until you yourself are buried six feet under. With buzz saw riffs, bone cracking drumming, solid bass lines and demonic and blood curdling vocals, Witch Vomit provides you with some sickening, filthy and utterly disgusting death metal for you to bash your brains to. From beginning to end Witch Vomit never lets their boot off of your throat as they steamroll along crushing you and everyone and everything else in their path leaving a trail of fetid remains behind.

Each track is grimy, grime, sordid and utterly repugnant providing you with a raw, unrelenting and unfiltered attack. “Poisoned Blood” is as barbaric and cannibalistic as it gets and Witch Vomit seem to be entirely unapologetic in their approach and why shouldn’t they be? This release is a towering inferno of rotting corpses and stagnant blood the exact way death metal should be and it keeps coming at you full force until your marrow has been expunged from your bones. Overall, “Poisoned Blood” is a great release as it is uncompromising in sound and truly barbaric and twisted gifting you with a listen that is deadly and entirely enjoyable.

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