Review: Zvijer “Vječnost Truleži”

Review: Zvijer “Vječnost Truleži”

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Zvijer “Vječnost Truleži”
Iron County Records

On Antichrist Radio recently, we did a really good Balkan Metal Scene Report, put together by fellow writer Ivona, and for me the best band on the show were Bosnia’s Zvijer. So when their debut album popped up on our review list, I was more than happy to take the plunge.

Their name is the Serbian word for “beast”, so that should give you an idea of how brutal their brand of Black Metal is.

After a brief intro, the 1st song proper, the one I opened the radio show with, Heretical Balkanian Sabbathism, spews forth and it’s a full on assault, with pulverizing drums, and even some death grunts… if Motörhead did Black Metal, they’d have kicked ass like Zvijer. And no, they don’t sound like Motörhead, but some of the drum parts and structures reminded me of Overkill.

From the all-out blast of the opener, Zvijer, do mix it up a lot. Yet there’s still a lot of power, and menace, in the albums slower parts… and delving deeper into the backgrounds of the band members, they do have a lot of experience in other bands, which may explain why this sounds so self-assured and progressive, for a debut album.

For the most part though, this is full throttle Black Metal. Aggressive beyond belief, but still with enough melody and groove to latch onto. It takes a lot to get me headbanging and throwing out some Metal as fuck grimaces, while I’m sat at my desk… but this album makes me do exactly that.

Fucking amazing…

You can check out the radio show here:

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