Review: Ctulu “Cultus In Tenebris”

Review: Ctulu “Cultus In Tenebris”

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Ctulu “Cultus In Tenebris”
Static Tension Recordings

German Black Metallers Ctulu have four full length albums under their belt and this is actually the first time our paths have crossed.

Their back history is of a band with an ever changing line-up, and a gradual increase in their live performances and profile etc… and all of that experience is now showing through on this new 4 tracker.

Although the musical styles are completely different, Ctulu seem to have adopted the formula that Amon Amarth have put to good use. Create a good, distinct sound and continually tweak it as you get better with each release.

Part of Ctulu’s sound is straight forward Black Metal. No real frills, just a very solid and a simple winning formula. The other side of the coin, which I absolutely love, is when the vocals switch to a more choral, chanting style.

It blends seamlessly with the music, and although it’s probably from an old German dialect, to me, devoid of any knowledge, it does have a Scandinavian feel to it… something akin to what our Norwegian cousins have created. Looking at the titles, it might even be Latin, a language I did study in my early teens (a long time ago). Whatever it is, I like it.

And Ctulu have done enough for me to want to check out their past releases, which is always a good sign that a band are doing something right.

If I had to sum up this release with one single word, it would be “intriguing”.

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