Sarah Longfield signs to Season of Mist

Sarah Longfield signs to Season of Mist

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Season of Mist records are proud to announce the signing of SARAH LONGFIELD. The extremely gifted American guitarist and YouTube shooting star with several million clicks will release her next album via the label.

Check out SARAH LONGFIELD performing “Quiescent” at the YouTube clip below.


“I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be signing with Season of Mist, home of such exciting acts as ARCHSPIRE, BEYOND CREATION, CYNIC, SHINING, and many more. I can’t wait to see what the future brings and to be working with such a great group of people!”

Season of Mist CEO, Michael Berberian explains:

“On a lazy hotel-room morning, I was checking one of our new videos on YouTube when SARAH LONGFIELD‘s ‘Cranial Metropolis’ started playing randomly. Pro tech-guitarwork with female vocals? I was hooked and alt-tabbed. My jaw dropped! Once the first surprise passed, my mind was reeling. Somebody, who is playing on such a level at this age is called a ‘lifer’ and in it for the long run. Somebody, who gets so many views without any label support obviously has the right attitude towards working hard. Orianthi, Gretchen Menn, and Jen Majura to name but a few have all followed in the footsteps of excellent female rock and metal guitarists in recent years, but none have none have been going full tech like Sarah does. I thought, I would love to work with her as she has a rare talent that fits our roster perfectly. It really was a no-brainer and by the time her next video was playing, I was already typing an introductory mail to Sarah and at the same time reached out to Paul Masvidal for some insider info as the are both endorsed by Strandberg Guitars.

Working with Sarah will prove quite a challenge for us. She grew up and as an artist within generation YouTube and there is no way we should keep her from doing that. We need to support Sarah in continuing to her own platform, but parallel to the demands of a new age fulfil our classical label-role for this young artist.

Between SARAH LONGFIELD and HEILUNG, I really feel like we have struck musical gold twice in the last months. I am extremely looking forward to work with Sarah and quite curious as to how she is going to grow as an artist!”

After years of playing the piano and the violin, multi-instrumentalist SARAH LONGFIELD found her true musical calling when she purchased her first 7-string guitar at the age of 13. Her first EP’s ‘Zeal’ (2011) and ‘Par Avion’ (2012) received high praise from critics and fans alike.

In 2012, SARAH LONGFIELD formed her own band, THE FINE CONTSTANT, which is based in Madison, WI, USA and now also performs her solo material with them in live-settings across the entire globe. This progressive band released its debut album, ‘Myriad’ in 2012 and the sophomore THE FINE CONTSTANT full-length, ‘Woven in Light’ came out in 2015.

SARAH LONGFIELD was named as one of 15 of the world’s greatest 7- and 8-string guitarists by Guitar World. She has just returned home from a series of tours in Europe and the Americas in support of her current full length, ‘Collapse // Expand’, which will be re-issued via Season of Mist in 2018 after the release of her forthcoming new album.

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