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Sarpanitum “Blessed Be My Brothers…”
Willowtip Records 

Blessed be my METAL brothers because today I have a sick review for you!!!
Sarpanitum latest album is one of the most brutal death metal records released this year. To be honest, when I put the record on I was like what is going on? I didn’t understand what was happening and I was completely lost. The reason for this was that my body and mind was not ready for this insanity which led to a lot of panic attacks. After a few listens my body came back to its original form and my mind could finally follow the music. Sarpanitum is a band from the UK and “Blessed Be My Brothers…” is their second release. “Blessed Be My Brothers…” is one those records that requires multiple listens to completely get it. I have listened to this album like a hundred times and there is still a lot to discover on this record. The first song “Komenos” is a instrumental that sounds like it is preparing you for the battlefield and you should be prepared after this intro, because as soon as the second song “By Virtuous Reclamation” begins you body will be bombarded with insane brutality. Throughout the album your body will be shaken and molded to the point that you won’t recognize yourself if you looked in the mirror. What I really liked a lot on this album were the solos and riffs that are played with a lot of feelings and passion during the brutal songs. The solos and riffs are played very emotionally amidst all the brutality and it will touch your soul and ripped it to pieces. On the drums we have Leon Macey from the awesome band Mithras and he does an outstanding job on this album. I guess he is one of the few drummers in the world that can drum and keep up on such an brutal album. The album cover is very peculiar and it is truly a work of art just like the songs on “Blessed Be My Brothers…”. Brutal death metal lovers should check this album out and if after a few listen you don’t like it or you don’t get it than it means you are a WEAK person. “Blessed Be My Brothers…” is a unique and out of this world brutal death metal album!!!


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