Song premiere: Deity “Beginning of Extinction”

Song premiere: Deity “Beginning of Extinction”

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Deity – Self-Titled (2017) to be released on June 2, 2017, here is next single premierem enjoy!

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines Deity as ‘Godhead; the Supreme Being; a fabulous god or goddess; a divinity.’ That definition needs to be amended to include DEITY the band; who meld old-school metal through a thoroughly unique intense influence of their own into music that is godlike and divine!

The brainchild of Danny Alessandro (guitars/vocals) and John Massey (guitars/vocals), DEITY has been a long time coming as Danny explains.

“We formed about 15 years ago…Myself and John have always been the core of Deity. We had both been working on other projects till we felt the need to finally go in and finish this album about 3 years ago. We’ve known each other for about 20 years! We got tired of working on metal that wasn’t true to us. This is an album we’ve always wanted to hear!”

Inspired by Suffocation, Emperor, Death, Slayer and Immortal and describing their music as ‘relentless, powerful, intriguing, honest and revitalizing’, DEITY has produced a truly special album, combining the fantastic progressive instrumentals of Metallica and Iced Earth with crushing metal anthems. One of the many things that give DEITY their own special identity is their lyrical inspirations, for instance ‘Sacrificium’, which is about people who treat you badly and then try to turn the blame on you, as Danny memorably says, “the kind of people who wouldn’t have the guts to confront you face-to-face.” Or ‘In Turmoil’, which is about “breaking your back slaving away for people who are undeserving. People who think they are entitled for no apparent reason.”

With the completion of DEITY’s self-titled album, the extreme duo, Danny and John are looking forward to taking their sound to live stages in Toronto, Montreal and more in both those cities provinces and beyond. Watch this pair, because DEITY are a band that deserve to break out of the studio into the live arena!

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