Review: SUICIDE SILENCE “Sacred Words”

Review: SUICIDE SILENCE “Sacred Words”

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Suicide Silence - Sacred Words - Artwork [800]SUICIDE SILENCE “Sacred Words”
Nuclear Blast Records

Dear deathcore lovers, do you like Suicide Silence? Because the band prepared some kind of progress report – EP “Sacred Words”, that will be released via Nuclear Blast. Are you ready for it?

Before the ear delight part let’s check an eye delight – EP’s cover. It’s dark and philosophical аrt in red, blue and beige colors. These contrast colors are reinforcing the impression of the picture.

There is picture of sinner, doomed to eternal torment in hell fire, torn to pieces by the same undead, while he try to reach cold and silent stars in the night sky. Or maybe it is some despaired, turned into ruthless society volcano. Or it appeals to each listener’s the own hell.

Anyway, this deterrent cover is awesome, because it attracts attention. And the most importantly – it’s intriguing.
EP music content composed of three songs from the latest LP “You Can’t Stop Me” – first in Suicide Silence history without Mitch Laker (R.I.P.). It’s main “Sacred Words”, “Inherit the Crown” and “Cease to Exist”. “Sacred Words” in its original version, we are strong remix, live and instrumental; other two are live versions.

It’s good to re-listen “Sacred Words”, but live songs making this EP special. By the order:” Inherit The Crown”, “Cease to Exist”, and “Sacred Worlds”. They are immersing to the Suicide Silence show’s atmosphere and it feels like you’re really close to the stage, where the band shares its deathcore-energy, in the middle of slamming fans. Those who have seen the show will remember adrenaline, sweat and maybe some blood in the air. Those who were not so lucky to see them live can easily imagine it.

Remix made by masters. It disconnects reality awareness and causes only desire to move your body. It is exactly how the good remix needs to be. But if somebody will be disconnected completely, the next track – Sacred Words Instrumental – will return him to life and wonted music.

To resume it’s 25 minutes and 17 seconds of famous Californian deathcore band. Favorite Suicide Silence. That one with Eddie Ermida.

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