Thrash Metal Force MASS CRYSIS Release “Fit of Nerves” Lyrics Video; New Album “Imposing Truck” Out Now

Thrash Metal Force MASS CRYSIS Release “Fit of Nerves” Lyrics Video; New Album “Imposing Truck” Out Now

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To celebrate the release of their new album “Imposing Truck”, released on March 10th by The Goatmancer Records, Italian Thrash Metallers shares “Fit of Nerves” Lyrics Video, which is available here:

IMPOSING TRUCK tracklisting:
1. Big Black Dog 05:20
2. Earthquake 03:53
3. Boom 03:52
4. Shit Politician 04:19
5. Fit of Nerves 04:46
6. Ego Never Died 03:34
7. This is the Game 03:25
8. Closed in a Body 03:20
9. Blues 04:15

The Mass Crysis project is born in 2011 with the aim to be a band with deep roots in the Thrash Metal field.

In 2012 the band hits the stage, opening shows for established bands like Satanika, Sofisticator and Bloodtruth in local metal festival.

At the end of 2012 the band releases its first recording and publishes the demo “Die Totale”, containing 4 new songs, that will receive good reviews among public and professionals.

2013 is the year of the first International Tour. Mass Crysis are invited to share the stage, opening the act, for Neurasthenia during their East European Tour through Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedon, for a total of 3000 km on the road.

In 2015 as the result of the exit of 3 out of 4 members of the band for personal reasons, Jeffckott, Mass Crysis’ frontman and singer, decides to take control, embracing the guitar and looking for new musicians.
Mass Crysis must not die.

After 2 years Mass Crysis’ project comes back to life. Jeffckott at the voice and leading guitar, Lorenzo Rocchi at the drums, Nicola Lemmi at the bass.

With brand new songs and a deep understanding that goes beyond the “playing together in a band” they take Mass Crysis back to the scene, performing in several metal music underground festival, sharing the stage with well-known bands like RedRiot, Reverber, Nanowar of Steel.

After a work of 2 years, they are ready to take the scene with a new LP containing 9 brand new songs elaborated before, through and after the pandemic period.

In 2022 they were chosen to compose the official Hymn of Rock Riders FMI Bikers, released to the public in May, during the Rock Biker Motorparty.

After some live shows to improve the affinity and feel the audience reactions they are selected to join the semifinal of “Agglutination Metal Festival” at the Sheratan Club in Carpi (MO) where they are ranked in a flattering third position.


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