TIAMAT Tribute @ First bands announced

TIAMAT Tribute @ First bands announced

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Antichrist magazine & Grand Sounds Promotion to release next “free streaming” release this summer – A Tribute To TIAMAT!

Bands, interested to participate, please get in touch to book a song ASAP here – tributes.antichrist@gmail.com.

First bands announce:
Violentor (Italy) – The Sign of the Pentagram
Myrholt (Norway) – Ancient Entity
Verdoemd (Belgium) – I Am the King (…of Dreams)
Knellwraith (USA) – Angels Far Beyond
Pantheon (Israel) – In a Dream
Ekku (Italy) – The Sleeping Beauty
Xenos (Italy) – Smell of Incense
Zanpanzar (Germany) – The Scapegoat
Ironthorn (Italy) – Whatever That Hurts
Mind Enemies (Italy) – Visionaire
Astralborne (USA) – Gaia
Alphastate (Greece) – Brighter than the Sun
Devil Black’n Roll (Brazil) – Cain
to be continued…

Check out recent releases here:
001 – A Tribute to BURZUM (November 21th, 2018) – https://youtu.be/pC5Cdu4HLbM
002 – A Tribute to DEATH (April 16th, 2019) – https://youtu.be/JJE8n8dya_4
003 – A Tribute to W.A.S.P. (November 5th, 2019) – https://youtu.be/E_Daig38x9Y
004– A Tribute to SLAYER (February 28th, 2020) – https://youtu.be/YCBierffU-4


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