Top-10 most anticipated Underground albums of April 2019

Top-10 most anticipated Underground albums of April 2019

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My name is Robert, I’m French freelance writer ’bout metal and rock music. It was awhile since my last article for Antichrist magazine, I’ve just returned with Top-10 most anticipated Underground albums of April 2019 based on my humble opinion. Albums listed in in alphabetical order. I know there are alot of albums and EPs scheduled for April but I decided to choose just ten records not to boring you with all these writings, haha! Thanks so much to magazine’s chief-editor Oleksandr for giving me the opportunity to listen to the upcoming albums promos, and of course thanks so much to the labels for sending their upcoming releases for journalists!

Deathwomb Moonless Night Sacraments [Iron Bonehead] (Release: April 19th, 2019):
How much do you know about the Canary Islands? For me personally, Canary Islands is a place to relax, to swim, to drink and so on… But the reality is a pretty rude thing. I just discovered Deathwomb out of there… The project of just two men, the men with eggs! Because their very first full-length album Moonless Night Sacraments is a bestial Black/Death metal in its best! Ten blasphemous hymns to goat in the best traditions of early Beherit, Demoncy, Havohej etc. The music is truly dark, evil and obscure, with both mid and fast tempos, unearthly guitar solos and just mayhemic atmosphere with a raw and obscure sound. Killer album! 666% unholy!

FATAL CURSE Breaking the Trance [Shadow Kingdom] (Release: April 19th, 2019):
I like so much all those “debut-albums” from the bands I have never heard about because usually it’s something outstanding, haha! New York, an overbusy life with billions of people, business business and one more time business… But some people are able to survive and make some great music without sinking deeply into “job”, “family” etc things. FATAL CURSE is a new band for me but their music is based on the best ever times – ‘80s! Pure ‘80s heavy metal, played by three guys; seven tracks of pure traditional kick-ass heavy metal in your face! But do not be relaxed, haha, because I have found even some “glam” roots over there 😉. (actually not a problem for me personally).

GODS FORSAKEN Smells Of Death [Soulseller Records] (Release: April 19th, 2019):
Holy fuck! One of the best “all-stars” band over this year! This is not some kind of “sweet-pussy “metal” for Nuclear Blast”! If you never have seen band’s line-up then you must know there are guys also known by such bands like Asphyx, Amon Amarth, Just Before Dawn, Wombbath among others! As you could assume the band comes from Sweden and Norway, the album contains nine tracks of ”classical” Swedish Death metal! Raw, fast and merciless, played by only catching rhythms, filled with just awesome guitar solos and covered with blasting drumming with killer vocals by Caligari! Swedish Death metal in its best, nothing more to say!

Inculter Fatal Visions [Edged Circle Productions] (Release: April 12th, 2019):
Oooh, Norway… I like so much Norwegian shots when it comes to so great bands like Inculter is! Fatal Visions is the second album of this band, shame on me I didn’t listen to their first album (Persisting Devolution) so I’m unable to compare these. To the fact, the bass player and the drummer also play in Reptilian, luckily, I had a chance to listen to their album. Okay, bastards! Be prepared for eight tracks of purest old-school speed / thrash / black metal! Built with merciless and fast rhythms, twisted guitar solos and massively evil atmosphere! The album will be released on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats so all the fans will be able to get it in the preferred format.

NECRODEATH Defragments Of Insanity [Scarlet Records] (Release: April 5th, 2019):
Yeah fucking yes! NECRODEATH has re-recorded Fragments of Insanity (1989)! Defragments Of Insanity contains the same eight songs of skull-crushing thrash/black metal, nothing more nothing less, just awesome blast from the past, must have! My mind is about to split up because of so favorite sounds!

PROTECTOR Summon The Hordes [High Roller Records] (Release: April 26th, 2019):
Three loooong years passed since thrash metal masters PROTECTOR released their previous album Cursed and Coronated, I’m not sure about You but I was waiting for the new album with no patience! PROTECTOR is my favorite band since 1989 when I get their second album Urm the Mad! Although their music has some changes from album to album, line-up changes and even location changes (you know, from Germany to Sweden) I can still dare to say they are one of the best thrash metal bands ever! Summon The Hordes is a ten songs album, where classical Thrash metal meets with pure Underground brutality and merciless, thanks to all these marching yet massive guitars, with absolutely memorable and catching tunes, evil vocals, great sounding drumming and smooth bass guitar sound! Just incredible album, starting from the very first chord! Absolutely recommended!

Sacrilegia The Triclavian Advent [Invictus Productions] (Release: April 12th, 2019):
Debut album from Ireland’s Black/Thrash metal monsters Sacrilegia to be released on April 12th. Dublin duo gets inspiration from such grands like Destroyer 666, Nocturnal Graves, Desaster etc and recorded eight tracks album. I’m always excited when it comes to old-school Black/Thrash metal and this album sounds truly awesome for me. First of all, the band has denied anything from so-called “modern” and created an album with the classical approach; raw and rude sound, blasphemous twisted guitars played with memorable ripping rhythms covered by blasting massive drumming and obscure vocals. Typical old-school Black/Death metal with the total obsession by genre’s roots. Awesome blasphemous album.

Sangue Culś [Nuclear War Now! Productions] (Release: April 15th, 2019):
Five Italians have recorded their very first full-length album. The album contains nine tracks, including some “intros”etc. When I looked to the band photo for the first time I was sure these guys play some old-school death metal and I was fucking right! Old-school death metal built with obscure atmosphere, heavy as hell rhythms, harsh rhythm and bass guitars covered by walls of merciless drumming and devilish vocals. The whole album built on so awesome and memorable rhythms, I like a lot all of those tempo-changes, twisted bass parts and hellish slowdowns.

SEAX Fallout Rituals [Shadow Kingdom] (Release: April 5th, 2019):
American metalheads SEAX to release their highly-anticipated fourth album Fallout Rituals on April, what should be pretty exciting for band fans. Ten tracks of high-quality old-school Speed Metal in its best! Fast, enough melodic, full of catching tunes and just old-school feelings just like this record has come straight from ‘80s! Just imagine the hellish mixture of early Metallica, Razor, Exciter, Judas Priest and rest of grands who has built this scene! One of the top and most expected releases for April! Do not miss!!!

Totalitarian Bloodlands [Barren Void / Lavadome] (Release: April 12th, 2019):
Italian band has recorded a new EP two years after their high rated debut album (De Arte Tragoediae Divinae). Six war-hymns in the way of Black/Death metal. The whole EP sounds devastating and extremely “brutal”. Album themes are based on Death and WWII and it’s approved by a musical part of an EP because I/m dare to say Bloodlands is a war black metal with the roots from such grands like Marduk and partially early 1349. Check it out!

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