TRASHMACHINE “Breaking Through The Ranks” review

TRASHMACHINE “Breaking Through The Ranks” review

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TRASHMACHINE “Breaking Through The Ranks”
Metal Race Rec.
Ladies and gentlemen!!! Let me introduce you forgotten classic of thrash – album “Breaking Through The Ranks” of band called TRASHMACHINE from Odessa Ukraine. I’m pretty serious. This album saw light of a day back in 1993 on vinyl. But turned out to be little demand in that era of grunge and death doom. Also thrash metal associated with bands like PANTERA back then. Now we have a newest reissue on CD with authentic and high-quality sound, lyrics and cover repeating original vinyl issue. Music is melodic version of Thrash metal in the vein of METALLICA’s “And Justice For All” album with sylphlike riffs, straight-forward solos, bit retrained (maybe I must say intelligent?) drums, catchy refrains and vivid vocals. Sometimes band invades on prog-thrash territory (hail to CORONER!!!), but some songs, for instance “Bad Stuff”, keeping pure spirit of insanity and foolhardiness peculiar only to Russian metal-school from early 1990’s. So, we can’t name TRASHMACHINE as a thrash-metal’s nerds’ band (ha-ha-ha!!!). This is confirmed by last song “Cheep up Woman Finger” that is played in pranky-punky key. Pure masterpiece and Strongly Recommended!!!
P.S. The band name was chosen through big garbage truck which always parked near band’s rehearsal build.


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