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Violentor-Maniacs_zpsmqriivfw (Копировать) VIOLENTOR
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Third album for another war machine from Tuscany, Italy. After the self-entitled debut of 2011 and ‘Riots’ of 2012, Violentor released this ‘Maniacs’ in summer. For sure this the best and more mature work of the power trio formed by Rot (bass), Dog (vocals and guitars) and Iago Bruchi (drums).

Violentor play thrash metal (is incredible how you can guess the genre of a band without listening anything but just looking the name), with heavy Motörhead influences on the rhythmic and on the vocals, without forgetting some black metal sprays on the blast beats accelerations. The main inspiration anyway remains the American thrash metal school of Slayer or Exodus and the classic speed metal of the 80’s.

As you can guess, ‘Maniacs’ is a straightforward explosion of energetic loud in your face. Fast, crude, powerful but also very well played and never boring. The guitar riffing is far for being original, but is made with quality and good technical skills. The drums of Iago is a pounding hammer and the vocals seems to come from a Lemmy more drunken and perverted.

Songs like ‘The Power of Lust’, ‘The Great Deceiver’, ‘Maniacs’ and ‘Schizophrenic Paranoid’ are really little jewels that will stay in your mind for weeks due to their intensity and effective vocal lines.
The lyrics are also about social issues, but overall is a trip in the mind of the killers as suggested in the short intro of ‘Maniacs’ where we can hear the voice of the infamous Italian serial killer Pietro Pacciani, later recalled at the end of the album with the folk song to him dedicated.

In the end, a solid and honest work that will be enjoyed by everyone who still loves the sound of violence, streets and perversion.

82/100                                                                                                                                         (c) Dan Ross


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