Review: W.A.S.P. “Re-Idolized”

Review: W.A.S.P. “Re-Idolized”

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W.A.S.P. Re-Idolized
Napalm Records

ReIdolized is nothing more than a re-hash with some touch-ups of one of the greatest heavy metal albums ever released back in the early nineties, that being The Crimson Idol by W.A.S.P. For those unfamiliar with The Crimson Idol, it’s a beautiful concept album about a boy named Jonathan Steel that was neglected by his parents, as they favored his brother. He sought out to become a famous musician in order to fill in the empty void. When the stress of dealing with the industry caught up to him in his fame, he realized that all he needed was his parents’ love. When they still denied him in his success, he then played one final show and commited suicide on stage by hanging himself with the guitar strings. Musically, it’s somewhat progressive, combining softer guitar licks and acoustic sections with loud energetic riffs on the electric guitars. Powerful drums and backing rhythms add a layer of intensity to this. The emotion in Blackie Lawless’s vocie is like none other, and it’s absolutely phenomenal.

Fast forward decades later, and we have a new version. ReIdolized throws in spoken word narrations between parts of the songs, and rather having distinct changes where the tracks break apart, this one almost runs together as one giant track. Lyrics are changed here and there to fit Blackie’s new agenda a little better, and the story is told in different detail, yet still maintaining the same baseline tale and structure of the tracks. Picture this as something of a soundtrack rather a concept album. As a conclusion? This release was worth the time, and works as a bit of a throwback. Is it entirely necessary? Nah. All of the glory can be found on the original work, and all this makes me want to do is listen to The Crimson Idol. The music is still well put together, but this just isn’t exactly needed. My suggestion? Listen to the original album first. Love it, appreciate it, take every ounce of it in, because it’s absolutely breathtaking. Then, to settle the curiosity, give this a spin.

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