Review: DEATH COURIER “Necrotic Verses” [Transcending Obscurity Records]

Review: DEATH COURIER “Necrotic Verses” [Transcending Obscurity Records]

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With an eardrum rupturing sonic assault, Greece’s Death Courier puts together a solid collection of Death Metal tracks that are sure to delight the fans. A well put together album that checks off all of the boxes, Necrotic Verses proves that these metal mainstays still have the passion burning within them.

While not bringing much by way of new ideas to the table, Death Courier do provide a welcome spark of attachment to the music they create. There is passion for the Death Metal genre at the album’s core and each song presents that in full force.

All of the genre’s favored attributes are featured here with expert precision. The pounding thrash metal beats are unrelenting, with the technical riffing expected in the sound. The guttural vocals fit nicely into the mix, which allows all instruments to shine in their own ways. From a song writing perspective, all players have their moments in the spotlight, without anyone element overshadowing the rest. The group performs as a cohesive unit,  with a communal playing structure that can only be developed over time.

Standout takes include As Heaven Blends With Rot, with its multifaceted structure providing a well rounded listening experience that provides a nice break from the mile a minute beats. Closing track, Remnants, offers up an epic feel with plenty of dynamics to be found between the break neck speeds and a slower approach. The track has a few riffs that manage to hook on to the listener, creating a handful of hummable moments.

All in all, Necrotic Verses is a thoroughly enjoyable album. Death Metal purists will delight in the familiar notes, while there are plenty of moments of variation to keep things fresh. A winner in my book, Death Courier prove with this album that they are not going anywhere.

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Peter Morsellino

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