Review: The Hallowed Catharsis “Killowner” [Lacerated Enemy Records]

Review: The Hallowed Catharsis “Killowner” [Lacerated Enemy Records]

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The technical death metal genre is known to be a decisive one when it comes to the fans. Some believe that it is a soulless mash, while others champion the skill and creativity of the performance. While not my favorite kind I’d music stylistically, the is no doubt that the work put into the music is imperative, to say the very least. With Killowner, The Hallowed Catharsis will surely render that same appreciation from fans and critics alike.

On the surface, The Hallowed Catharsis render the expected trappings of the controversial genre. The breakneck speeds, the neo classical shedding, the chaotic vocal assault; all present and accounted for. There is admittedly a while lot of flash without much fire on this release, but man, how about that flash.

The album attacks with a whirlwind of death and grind inspired riffing and technically, never sacrificing brutality for their showmanship. Musical interludes are fairly frequent, with results being somewhat hit or miss.

The honest truth is that you will be forming your own opinion on this album within the first few seconds. If its not your thing, you’re probably going to hate it, but others might enjoy the fun of the musical explorations. I doubt there will be very much middle ground. But if you are in the mood for a brutal jaunt across genres with more than enough musicianship to impress, you might find this to be a suitable choice.

My advice would be to give a listen either way. Try to hear it with fresh ears. You might end up finding something in there you didn’t expect to enjoy.

Release date: June 2, 2020

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