Abhor “Rituale Stramonium” review (written by George/Abysmal)

Abhor “Rituale Stramonium” review (written by George/Abysmal)

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Abhor “Rituale Stramonium”

Abhor is a Black Metal band that should appeal to those who favor the atmosphere of the typical overused keyboarded pathways. I do enjoy the heaviness of the bass tracks since in most recordings these tracks always get buried in mix or the musicians feel that it is better that way (?) but, not the case here. While the production feels well done, it is difficult for me to get into this release given the talent and promise of this outfit but only the future can tell yet; they need more time to polish their armor and march on toward uncharted darkness in my opinion. There also is a Greek Black Metal feel to it plus strong hints of the Norway style of the 1990’s and that is never bad to appreciate it.


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