Voice review: ANAL VOMIT “Peste Negra, Muerte Negra”

Voice review: ANAL VOMIT “Peste Negra, Muerte Negra”

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ANAL VOMIT “Peste Negra, Muerte Negra”
Gates Of Hell Records

I remember hearing the name Anal Vomit (it was more of a grindcore sounding name about 15 or so years ago and, barely giving them attention since I wasn’t really sure what to expect- my attention was way more into Belial, Crucifier, Dawn etc, etc. Well, guess what, the majority of those bands are now deceased or changed their style all together. Going into their new recording, “Peste Negra, Muerte Negra” (translated as “Black Plague, Black Death”) there is a style of technical Death Metal that has deeply seated roots in older Thrash with a speedier approach and of course, the infiltration of a Sarcofago-ish into this work. I tell you what it’s very cool though, and that is just a part of it. Moving on to other qualities of this recording are the inclusions of both English and Spanish song titles into these songs (a trademark of them apparently) with one of my favorites being “Obsessive Sexual Slaughter” which reminds me again of another Brazilian band, Sexthrash and also following the path Sarcofago took on their third release and the enjoyable work of other South American bands like Force of Darkness and their offshoot, Hades Archer. As a closing point, artwork is totally kick ass, whomever did this, totally worships sick imagery and it for sure was captured. A couple of things didn’t appeal to me much and that is that their thrashy approaches do not always mix well with a Death Metal approach and for me, it is a distractor while listening to this as well as the vocals not having a rougher approach and they sound too controlled or tired.

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