ANTHRAX: Rock Is Not Dead

ANTHRAX: Rock Is Not Dead

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Asked about some people’s claim that “rock is dead,” Joey said: “I never thought it was dead. It was just lingering for a while.”

Added Charlie: “It just doesn’t get the media attention that it once got. But we’ve been playing all these festivals, and forty thousand people here, sixty thousand people there… I don’t think rock is dead at all.”

Continued Joey: “You just do your thing and just do it well, and people will pay attention. And if they don’t like it, that’s all right; we still do a good job. That’s all you can do, really.”

ANTHRAX‘s latest album, “For All Kings”, sold 34,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 9 on The Billboard 200 chart. According to Billboard, ANTHRAX was last in the top 10 back in 1993 with “Sound Of White Noise”, which debuted and peaked at No. 7. “For All Kings” also gave ANTHRAX its largest sales week for an album since “Sound Of White Noise”‘s second week on sale (40,000; it debuted with 62,000).

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