Aphonic Threnody press-release + video

Aphonic Threnody press-release + video

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Press release for new album “When Death Comes” (out on Doomentia records).
Also first video made which features our 2nd track from the album.
Detailed band bio etc find below.

The five tracks all display power, elegance and a sense of details and craftsmanship that clearly show that these magi are not your average amateur spell casters. All above the nine-minute mark, these tracks envelop, plunge and chisel their listeners with cruel beauty that binds and tears at the same time.” Aphonic Threnody is an international project and extreme doom collective. Founded by Riccardo (Gallow God & Dea Marica) and …Roberto (URNA & Dea Marica amongst the others) around the end of 2012 in London, the project has soon afterwards seen the participation of Kostas (Pantheist, Wijlen Wij and many more), Abel (Leecher) and Marco (URNA, Arcana Coelestia and more). Whilst the core of the band has been established in London – UK, Abel co-operated to the project from Hungary and Marco from Italy. Hence the label of international band. The union and will of all the musicians involved blossomed during the first months of 2013 with a first opus titled “First Funeral”. The EP received good feedbacks worldwide catching the attentions of two infamous European doom metal underground label such as Avantgarde Music (Thergothon should ring the bell!) and Elektroplasma/Terror From Hell Records (Abysmal Grief anyone?).

Whilst TFH released the album on 12″LP vinyl in June 2013, Avantgarde Music released it on CD in September 2013 including a bonus cover track of the My Dying Bride classic “Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium”. Being the result of the multifarious influences of each member of the band, this first album sets the milestone for what Aphonic Threnody are going to record during the following year. During the Summer of 2013 the band starts the recordings of the following full-length album “When Death Comes”. The new album is going to see Greg Chandler (ESOTERIC) and Josh Moran (VACANT EYES) as guests. Also David Unsaved (ENNUI) would participate. At the same time three new tracks are recorded to be used in two different split albums featuring Jarno Salomaa (SHAPE OF DESPAIR). On November 2013 the band debuts live opening the ESOTERIC’s London show, organized by Funeral of Mankind Promotion, and sharing the stage with FEN and Wodensthrone. For the occasion Ilia from the doom/death metal beasts INDESINENCE/BINAH helps AT as a guitar player.

At the end of 2013 the band was contacted by GS Productions to release during the first months of 2014 “Immortal In Death” (split with the Georgian funeral doom mayhem ENNUI out on March 2014) and “Of Graves, Of Worms And Epitaphs” (split with the German funeral doom one-man-band FROWNING out on April 2014). The two releases receive good feedbacks careless of the small amount of copies available.

On January 2014 the recordings, mixing and mastering process of the new full length album are finally completed and secret deals are taken to release it on vinyl and CD around the end of summer 2014. On

February 2014 Zack from TOMORROWILLBEWORSE joins the collective during the first composition stages of the new material which is going to be released in 2015. In April 2014 the label Spectralight Recordings offers to re-print “First Funeral” on tape format and the release date is going to be between May and June 2014. Unfortunately due to some health issues, the owner of the label steps back and the TAPE version of the first EP is cancelled.. In June 2014 the band starts working with Jerome Siegelaer (Dutch director who has been working, among the others, for the visual of YOB during the Roadburn Festival 2014 and with Enslaved for their video clip “Thoughts Like Hammers” in 2012) for a video clip which is going to be released in September 2014. At the same time, the graphic of both vinyl and CD version of the new album are going to see The 13th Sign Collective (Art directors for HEAVY DAYS IN DOOM TOWN FESTIVAL – Denmark) and the indie photographer VALERIA SPIGA collaborating with AT for the two artworks. During August 2014 Kostas leaves the band to focus on his two projects Pantheist and Landskap. Juan – Astor Voltaires – Escobar (ex-Mar De Grises) from Chile replaces Kostas and the band records with him the song titled “Buried Them Deep” for the split album with In Lacrimaes Et Dolor (ITA), The Blessed Hellbrigade (ITA) and Y’HA-NTHLEI (ITA) coming out during the winter 2014 for GSProductions. The release date for “When Death Comes” is booked for October 31st, 2014 under DOOMENTIA RECORDS!


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