PATRIA release new single

PATRIA release new single

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Eminent Patria are set to release a new single “Symmetry of Imperfection”, out now! Patria is a metal band straight out of Brazil who mixes the style of South American and Scandinavian metal. And the result is a combination of necro Black Metal and experimental avant-garde music.

Check out their amazing new single HERE.  Or here:

Statement from the band:

“Symmetry of Imperfection” is a song where we’re going a bit further, mixing a few different elements, bringing to the surface extra musical feelings and of course, keeping that earlier primitive Black Metal spirit from our latest albums. The fact is that we’re constantly looking for our own identity and this song shows a bit how it’s evolving.

The title conception reflects the hidden, ugly and dark side of the human conscious… The previously conceived dualism and how we also can find beauty in the imperfection. The symmetry being imperfect and the perfect being asymmetry.

Another incredible point here is the sound production, mixing/mastering made by the genius Øystein G. Brun of BORKNAGAR at Silversound Studio in Norway. He did a fantastic job and we couldn’t be more excited about the final result. Simply amazing! Hope everyone enjoy!

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