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I am a fan of all things Mettle! I have been a freelance Heavy Metal & Hard Rock Journalist for over a decade, and a fan of music for over four decades. I have written for a number of websites, and magazines, including Brave Words, Metal Maniacs, Metal Covenant, Metal Temple, etc. I am so appreciative of having met many great musicians, fans, and having celebrated hearing so many variations of Metal. I was reticent to join Social Media for quite awhile. I began with doing a few music reviews on YouTube under the name Mettle Milieu. The response has been quite favorable. I am grateful to have finally joined FaceBook under the same appellative. Now, I am excited to write reviews, perform more detailed interviews, and attend more live venues for this highly acclaimed site. I am also grateful for my wife Wendy "MettleMaiden" Francisco for all her support for the past 17 years with all my endeavors.

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Review: MAJESTY “Rebels”

MAJESTY “Rebels” Noise Art records Straight out of Lauda, Baden-Württemberg Germany, keeping banners held high, here we have Majesty – the true defenders of the Metal Law. These ...
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Interview: The Great Kat

Written interviews
“Adulation Of The Great Kat”. On Friday February 24th, I was exceedingly grateful to briefly chat with The Great Kat. Talk about your fatale distractions! I was not ...
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Review: Overkill “The Grinding Wheel”

Overkill “The Grinding Wheel” Nuclear Blast records The mighty mean green killing machine have returned with yet another grinding weal of supersonic hate. For well-over three decades (and ...
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Review: Lancer “Mastery”

Lancer “Mastery” Nuclear Blast Records Sweden has always been the envy of the Mettle Gods when it comes to Traditional and True Power Metal. As of late, highly ...
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Review: KREATOR “Gods Of Violence”

KREATOR “Gods Of Violence” Nuclear Blast records Here it is Friday The 13th, and I am about to write my first review of this calendar year. This is ...
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