BIZARRE reveals new song and album details

BIZARRE reveals new song and album details

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Spanish deathmetallers BIZARRE have just finished the recordings of their debut mini CD entitled “Inner Necropolis” and have revealed the cover artwork (by Raúl González), tracklist and avance song, that will be released through Xtreem Music next month.

“Inner Necropolis” was partially recorded and later mixed & mastered at Moontower Studios by Javi Félez (GRAVEYARD) getting a truly dark, heavy and rotting sound for this BIZZARRE’s debut release. Compound by 6 songs, the style displayed here is an old fashioned Death Metal blending heavy and brutal passages with crushing mid tempos and killer meldies accompanied by an ultra-low guttural vocal performance, taking influences from the finnish scene (ADRAMELECH, CARTILAGE, DEMIGOD, DEMILICH…) as well as other varied inspirations like ANASARCA, INTESTINE BAALISM, AVULSED, GRAVE…

BIZARRE comes from three different parts of Spain with members from various bands like: Evilead (ELDERDAWN), Funedëim (FAMISHGOD, SVIPDAGR, MORKULV, ITNUVETH, DIS GOB), Uretra (ONIROPHAGUS) y Obszen (KUROI ONI) and with this debut EP they are just giving their first step for greater things to come!

Tracklist for “Inner Necropolis” is as follows:
1. Dying Existence (intro)
2. Damp Earth
3. Asphyxiating Dark Memories
4. Moldy and Decomposed
5. Fleshless
6. Inner Necropolis

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