Excruciation- ”Crust” album review (By Carla Morton)

Excruciation- ”Crust” album review (By Carla Morton)

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Here it is the fourth full-length of the Swiss Doom/Death metal band, Excruciation, a new album entitled Crust.
Before this, the band have released an EP aswell, ‘’24 Four Hours’’ which includes a cover song of Joy Divison (you can check the video here):

Crust sounds killer. It sounds very similar to their third release ‘’[g]host’’ from 2014, a real Doom sound, I like that all the instruments can be heard very well, especially the bass (it’s the best for an album as the bass to be heard). Eugenio’s voice is powerfull, he sends the album to the old Paradise Lost (this band got in my mind to compare). Aswell, you can hear some little Thrash or Black metal influences aswell as in the previous albums (let me mention Celtic Frost as an influence maybe).

What else I might say about Crust? Is a well conceived album which Death-Doom metal lovers must give a try and explore the Excruciation’s music. “[g]host’’ was their first album I’ve listened and I still like it, then hearing they’ll sign and release a new album via WormHoleDeath records, I knew that might be something killer, and it is without a doubt!


Favorite songs: Lutheran Psalms, Disgrace, Borderline.

Judas Kiss
Olympus Mons
Lutheran Psalms
The Scent of the Dead
Days Of Chaos
Glorious Times



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