Blakk Old Blood song premiere + interview

Blakk Old Blood song premiere + interview


Switzerland’s Blakk Old Blood bestial machine will release new EP on May, 13th. But right now, we have some exclusive stuff for you! Be the first who have listened song Thou are the Dragon and read brief interview with the band! Let’s fucking go!

Blakk Old Blood

Hello Blakk Old Blood unholy team! Today is the day of official premiere of one song from your new EP “Greed”! Can you please tell us detailed about the EP? Like what is the main idea of this one etc?
Ave Alex! What could the main idea be, behind an EP that is entitled “Greed”? Every release represents one of the seven cardinal sins as we try to capture the nature of the respective sin in songwriting, lyrics as well as production. “Wrath” for example is very fast and has an aggressiv production filled with hateful lyrics where “Greed” just has three songs. Two of them are very short and one song has only one riff with a raw recording quality and production – This release is indeed very “greedy”…

As far as I know, “Greed” will be available in Vinyl format, released by Clavis Secretorvm. Is this your personal desire to have EP available only on analog format, without CDs, digital distribution? In addition, looks like – demo – Cassette, first EP – CD, second EP – Vinyl.
Exactly, “Pride” was released on tape, but for “Wrath” we made not only tapes but also a limited to 18 (6+6+6) copies CD-Version. The next sin, “Greed” has already a self released tape version as well. Even thought, there is a CD Version of “wrath”, we just believe that that, what always has been there (tape/vinyl) are the best mediums to reflect our music.

Well, three years of activity and only Demo, Eps and split. Do you planning to record some full-length in the near future?
Indeed – there’s the possibility that one of the remaining cardinal sins will be released as full length album. Maybe “sloth”, but we’re not sure yet.

Goathammer plays also in Deathcult, I can’t skip this thing just because the latest demo from Deathcult sounds killer as well. So, what about Goathammer’s time to share between two bands, in spite both of them based in the same city?
Yes, the newly released re-release of Deathcults Demo ’12 sounds indeed amazing! You always find enough time for what’s important in your life.

Blakk Old Blood plays dark and old school black metal, do you think you can reveal ALL your musical ideas within the only metal genre?
Well, we are a small circle of individuals who play together in various bands, i.e. such as Antiversum and Deathcult reaching from old-school death to black metal. We already played together in various other bands so every time we summon a new unholy project, we are recruiting some of our circle-intern brothers to fulfil the mission of the actual band. All of us dedicated their lives to the essence of the music of the early years so sometimes it ends up in old-school death and sometimes in old-school black metal.

What about those slow ritualistic tunes in your music? I mean – what does ritualistic matters means for you? Do you practice some unholy rituals in your life?
We live what we preach…


Who are you in the common life? The same grim people like on the scene (in music) or just a funny guys, ready to drink the whole alcohol on the earth? Of course if you won’t skip this question.
…the people behind the musik do not matter.

I know nothing about Blakk Old Blood and gigs. Do you play gigs? Or BOB is just a studio project? If you play – have you played abroad yet? Amybe some plans, schedules are available?
We do play concerts and perfomed so far one uproad (in Germany) as well. But with Blakk Old Blood we are very picky on where and with whom we play. Also we try to keep the numbers of live rituals as low as possible. For Blakk Old Blood tries to stay in the deepest bowels of the underground. No further live rituals are scheduled at the moment.

The information on your official Facebook page said “Pride – Wrath – Greed – Sloth – Gluttony – Envy – Lust”… Can you say all these words describes your way of life?
It is not only our way of life, for that, what has been declared as deadly sin by the weak minded christianity are indeed the true pleasures of life.

Well, that’s all for this time, keep up with the great and devoted work!
Thank you


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