BOUND BY FATE official stream

BOUND BY FATE official stream

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Name (Копировать) With the natural progression of time, and as man advances in his life, he experiences a vast array of things… some good, some bad, some simply terrible. These experiences often bring strong emotional reaction coupled with a desire to stand up and lash out at these perceived injustices. Not all are capable, or willing, of doing this… so man looks for a voice to speak on his behalf.

Since 2008, a group of musicians sharing these very opinions, and a desire to come together as one to be that voice (Hence the name Bound By Fate), have answered the call. Bound By Fate is the resulting effort of Phil Sonner, Dan Cameron, Cliff Sporcic, Tim Seale, and Dave Snodgrass. Collectively, they are known for delivering “Brutal pulverizing grindcore with the intensity of a bad migraine” (Erie Times), and an undeniable groove, and putting on hellacious live performances. All being done with a degree of professionalism not commonly found in many underground bands.
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