AMBUSH To Release New Album “Desecrator” In October on High Roller records

AMBUSH To Release New Album “Desecrator” In October on High Roller records

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ambush (Копировать) Swedish Heavy Metallers Ambush will release their new studio album titled “Desecrator” on October 30, 2015, via High Roller Records.

“Desecrator” contains nine brand new tracks, and will surely satisfy the band’s growing legions of fans. “We feel very confident with the material, album cover and the production. We like to write our heavy metal in different tempos and we think that we have come up with a well-rounded heavy metal album” says drummer Linus Fritzson.

Stylistically, Ambush are not miles away from current Swedish bands like Ram and Enforcer, their main heroes are Judas Priest and Accept though. “”Desecrator” is a well-rounded heavy metal album, but I like to think that stylistically it shows a bit more variety (and depth) in comparison to “Firestorm” (Ambush debut album). “Night Of The Defilers” for example has this kind of AC/DC beat about it. “The Chain Reaction”, on the other hand, is more “typical Ambush”, a grinding mid-tempo crusher with some great vocal work and very interesting lyrics” adds the drummer.
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