COUNTESS “Sermons Of The Infidel” review

COUNTESS “Sermons Of The Infidel” review

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COUNTESS “Sermons Of The Infidel”

Heidens Hart Records

COUNTESS is real love-or-hate band. From one hand they have a cult status and high authority in the world of black metal, but from other hand their melancholic and dreary sound is not everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, taking into account nowadays depressive (and even post-rock) trends in black metal, there is reason to believe that this work will find its audience.

So, this CD is a physical incarnation of web-release “Sermons Of The Infidel” from 2013. First three tracks repeating same tracks from that release, next three tracks also there. Seventh track is re-recorded version of “Alone Against The World” with Zagan on guitar. Song “Thermopylare” is about greek-persian wars from ancient times, next two tracks again from web-release. New version of “Chapel Of Doom” is better than original from album “Book Of Heretic” as for me. The same can be said about “Blood In The Sneeuw”. The cover of MANILA ROAD’s – “The Veils Of Negative Existence” is pretty interesting. I wonder, what would be said by members of MANILA ROAD? (ha-ha-ha!!!). Last two tracks are live versions of “Fueuer Und Blut” and “Hell’s Rock’N’Roll” which was recorded in Denmark at Metal Magic Festival in 2014. I think these track are least useful, sometimes it seemed to me that the musicians themselves already bothered play them.

What need to say in final of my review? This digi-pack absolutely needful thing for devoted fans of COUNTESS, but if this band is not your cup of tea, then “Sermons Of The Infidel” nothing add to reputation of them.

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52 / 100

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