CRYPT OF REASON Announces Debut Full-Length Album

CRYPT OF REASON Announces Debut Full-Length Album

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Belarusian progressive doom death band CRYPT OF REASON has set September 24th as the international release date for their debut full-length album, “Stargazer.”

Produced by Alex Sedin (White Ward, Anachronism, Blighted Eye), “Stargazer” has been crafted from drafts and demos, arranged and produced by the band, and is now ready to see the light. The music is rooted in funeral doom and post-metal, drawing influence from early doom/death acts like Anathema and more modern, dissonant bands like Ulcerate.

CRYPT OF REASON hails from Homiel, Belarus. Formed in 2008, the band released only one EP in 2013. They had nearly completed writing their debut LP when Pavel, the main songwriter, passed away unexpectedly in 2016. Despite this tragedy, the band has persevered and is proud to present “Stargazer” as a tribute to his memory.

Album tracklist and cover art are as follows:
1. Dissolving in Fractal Chaos
2. Illusions of Meanings
3. Argon
4. Lemma
5. Savior
6. The Origin Curse
7. Erebus
8. Hollow Cycles
9. The Bliss Of Quiet

Сover art by Lenore (Daniel Tompkins, White Moth Black Butterfly, Woe Unto Me, Serdce)

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