Endonomos Unveil ‘Endonomos II – Enlightenment’ Album Details; New Single Out Now

Endonomos Unveil ‘Endonomos II – Enlightenment’ Album Details; New Single Out Now

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Austrian epic death doom metal band Endonomos will release their new album, ‘Endonomos II – Enlightenment,’ on September 27 via Argonauta Records.

Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows:
1. Inversion
2. Atheon Anarkhon
3. Resolve
4. Entrapment
5. Hostile (ft. Daniel Droste of AHAB)
6. Kafir Qal’a

Today, the band also presents their new single, ‘Atheon Anarkhon,’ now streaming on YouTube:

“The second single “Atheon Anarkhon” of Endonomos’ upcoming second album is a far more sinister and menacing sounding song as the first single “Hostile”

From the uncanny intro of dissonant chords and unsettling sounds to heavy, mean riffs and a highly melodic chorus, this one sports all the trademarks of Endonomos’ distinct style, while pushing it’s boundaries.

The ancient Greek song title “Atheon Anarkhon” could be translated as “no god, no sovereign” and deals not only with the inseparability of atheism and anarchism, but mainly how their counterparts (theism and autocracy) contradict human nature and corrupt the human mind.” – says the band.

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