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It’s comforting to know that in the world there are bands like Demonic Slaughter. It means that the black flame is still burning. The pure essence of Black Metal keep living in the hearts of a lot of guys out there.

Demonic Slaughter come from Poland and ‘Haunted’ is the fifth album since 2009, released in december 2014. A prolific production for a band who is grown eating bread and ‘Transylvanian Hunger’. From the legendary masterpiece of Darkthrone, Demonic Slaughter take the freezing and rotten sound of the guitars, that are undeniably soooo Norwegian.

The guitar riffing in general is good, even if not unforgettable. It seems that is missing something on screenwriting skills to raise above the average. Anyway the atmosphere is really haunted (ha ha) and the feeling is claustrophobic and disturbing, also because the pace is generally slow or mid tempos, leaving the speed just for rare moments of rage. Also, the production is proudly vintage: taken directly from the cellar, you can hear that is no sign of something digital or fake.

The voice of the mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Xaos Oblivion (that runs a thousand of others bands at the same time) is one of the strong point of this album: not the usual screaming, but a wicked, possessed, low voice from the abyss, that remembers a lot Attila Csihar and Big Boss of the legendary Czech band of Roots (it seems a feature that is only for Eastern Europeans).

‘Mystic Rites’, ‘Haunted’, ‘Żałobna Procesja (Mournful Procession)’ and ‘Wyklęty (The Wretched)’ are the best tracks of this album, which is of course unoriginal and a little bit predictable, but also a right choice for everyone who still loves the grim sound of the 90’s.


                                                                                                                                                                         (c) Dan Ross

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