Review: DRAGONY “Lords Of The Hunt”

Review: DRAGONY “Lords Of The Hunt”

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DRAGONY “Lords Of The Hunt” EP
Aril 7th, 2017

Vienna… Mozartkugel, Johann Strauss, Das Neujahrskonzert, Sachertorte… Dragony!

Maybe you might not hear of them yet, but they are already celebrating 10th anniversary releasing ”Lords of the Hunt” EP.

Something old, something new, something borrowed… I think that might be the best description of this EP.

New songs: “Lords of the Hunt” and “Call of the Wild” are promissing great upcoming album. Melodic, infectious, catchy power metal spiced with interesting key and mighty choir parts.

“The Longest Night”, “Alcador” and “Sparta” (Elegy of Heroes) took place at debut album “Legends” (2011, Independent release). Re-recorded and improved, expecially vocals and of course, production.

“The One And Only” and “Shadowrunners” took place at 2ed album “Shadowplay” (2015, Limb Music). Just, this time Dragony offered something little bit different. Ultimate test for fans: karaoke version of “Shadowrunners”.

“The One And Only” is cover version of nineties hit performed by Chasney Hawkes. From curiosity I had to find the original version of this song, and, man… I have to say, the original song has only the strong lyrics and nothing more. Dragony gave another dimension to pop hit single, and this might be one of the best cover songs ever.

“Wings of the Night”, demo version, at least vocal parts, reminds me a lot of early Tobbias Sammet work.

At the end, as icing on the cake, two videos: “True Srvivor” (another successful cover) and “Burning Skies”.

Since I have never heard “True Survivor” in original, so as it was the case with “One And Only”, I had to check it out. How embarrassed I was watching David Hasselhoff’s video! Yeah, he is the one from Baywatch, turned out to be popular singer in Germany and Austria at the end of the eighties, so I can understand why Dragony even considered to make this cover in Stratovarious manner. Of course, compared to the original version, do I have to say, Dragony won?

“Burning Skies” is also a song from debut album, but this video is intersting because it is fan made.

This extened EP might be caracterised as Extra Part of ten years career.

Who would create better coverart if not Dušan Marković (yes, I have to supprt Serbian artists, if you don’t mind)?

If I would pick holes in this release, than I would say, some live material is missing. For all those who never heard Dragony live, trust me, their performance is epic.

Overall, this is the best choice to celebrate one decade in power metal world.

Looking forward to hear new album.
Andreas Poppernitsch – Guitars
Simon Saito – Guitars
Siegfried “The Dragonslayer” Samer – Vocals


  1. Lords Of The Hunt
  2. Call Of The Wild
  3. The Longest Night
  4. Alcador
  5. Sparta
  6. The One And Only
  7. Shaddowrunners
  8. Wings Of The Night

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