Voice review: EVIL INVADERS “Pulses Of Pleasure”

Voice review: EVIL INVADERS “Pulses Of Pleasure”

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EVIL INVADERS “Pulses Of Pleasure”
Napalm Records

Man, is this a throwback/retro-thing/going back in time deal here. Evil Invaders are fromBelgium, not a place that has too many bands jumping into international recognition. While Evil Invaders is not an original band riff-wise, they have done their research and freshened their listening skills well. Listening to their songs, it is discernable to hear large amounts thrash bands from bygone years. The opening riff is nothing but a tribute to Rigor Mortis and it goes off from there exploring thrash styles that bands from that period stopped using as time moved on and they were out of fuel.  As for their influences, I can pick up a strong Running Wild, Judas Priest (who were themselves a huge influence in Running Wild), along with Overkill, Destruction, Messiah, Assassin, Deathrow, the old Bay Area style of rhythm and whatever else they have listened to along the way. Dealing with Thrash is a risky business. All the classics were mostly done using the technology available at the time and that alone, is what made so many albums what they became in terms of popularity. Evil Invaders (named after the Razor song, no doubt) is about to embark on a long journey if they continue. I would advise keeping an eye on this guys if you like bands who work hard at catching the spirit of a classic period many of us saw, missed parts of, or want to relive altogether.

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